Christmas Decorations

When I was a child the house would be full of Christmas Decorations, tinsel draped around picture frames, and paper chains hanging off the ceiling.  The Christmas tree dripping with tinsel and shinny baubles, and many handmade objects collected over the years, from crafty children.  I have one such [object] decoration which consists of 3 cardboard toilet rolls joined together with paper chain, I am sure one of my children bought it home with great pride.  It’s looking a bit squashed now but can’t bare to throw it away.  Things have moved on Christmas trees are colour co-ordinated and the house is full of the smell of Candy Cane Lane or Crackling Wood Fire scented candles.


Baubles for decorating a dolls house are quite easy to make, there is such a good selection of beads available.

You will need 1 Cloisonné bead, 1 seed bead, 1 headpin and glue to fix them together.

Thread the larger bead onto the head pin, followed by the smaller bead and glue into place.

Cut the excess wire to the required length and bend the end to make a hook.


The lights I have on my tree are made by Lemax, and are batery operated. They come in various colours blue, white and multi-coloured and clear. I bought the 12 bulb, which was plenty for my tree, the total cable length is 57 inches, giving plenty of room to hide the battery box. The lights also come in 18, 36, 50 bulbs, which would be a great length to decorate the outside of your house.  These bulbs are very small and the cable is not bulky, I have the multi chasing chasing lights which give a great effect very realistic.

Visit the Lemax site to see the full collection of model villages and accessories, it will definately put you in the Christmas spirit.


The tree is also decorated with red tinsel, and dangly bits from  earings.  You can use metalic pipe cleaners, but I find this dolls house tinsel drapes over the branches better.  Decorative earings produce just the right size for decorations.

These paper chains are made from small pieces of full size ones.  The width is just the right size to cut across then loop each together.

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