Barton Pink Nursery


I have a nice wooden Barton Nursery Furniture, in pink.  They probably date around 1950’s /60’s, but not quite sure.  The wood is quite thin and are not as heavy as later Barton furniture.

Barton High Chair

This high chair is quite a simple design, and a small doll would sit nicely in it.

Barton Chest of Drawers

This chest of draws has opening drawers and small metal pins for handles.  It is a shame that my camera does not pick up the pink colour very well.

Barton Cot

The side of this sweet little cot goes up and down.

Barton Cot

Barton Cot

There is a small metal bar which you can turn to keep the side of the cot up.

Barton Box

Small blanket/toy box with removable lid.

Barton Box

I think there is also a solid edged rocking cot, but I do not have this.  The Nursery Furniture in Blue as well as Pink. [Perhaps blue for a boy and pink for a girl]


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  1. Fiona Fox says:

    You are right about the pink nursery furniture being 1950’s – 60’s as I had most of the blue set and a pink rocking cradle as you describe. I was buying dolls house furniture in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s at the branch of Hamley’s in Croydon. I also had a chest of drawers the same as the nursery one you have,but mine was in plain varnished wood with plain,unpainted metal handles. Happy memories!

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      Thanks for helping to confirm the date on this furniture. It is so difficult to date and identify early Barton furniture, as there does not seem to be a catalogue or list of the furniture they made and sold. Once they rebranded as Carolines Home it is much easier.

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