Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Dining Room


Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Dining Room Furniture, from the 1976 catalogue.

There is nothing complicated about the design of this furniture, it is solid and well made.  With a good use of different coloured wood.

Barton Sideboard 2055
Sideboard Carded Furniture 2055. Also came in Boxed Set 1020

This is such a nice little sideboard with two side opening doors, and two opening drawers in the middle.  It shows how much it has been played with but still complete.

Barton Dining Table
Dining Table Carded Furniture 2056. Also in Boxed Set 1020 with chairs, sideboard, picture and flower vase.

The paint on the legs is looking a bit tired, or should I say distressed, other wise in good condition.  It is nice that the legs splay out rather than go straight down.

Barton dining chairs
Dinning Room Chairs Carded Furniture 2057 [2]. Also Boxed Set 1020 with dining table, picture, flower vase and sideboard.
Solid little chairs, with a simple design, and good choice of wood colour, giving them a realistic feel.

For more examples of Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Furniture visit my  Board on Pintrest:

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