Triang No.77




The repairs to the house have now been completed, and treated for woodworm. It has been repainted and has a new base. The next big project is to fit a roof.


The house had a plywood roof which took a while to remove as it was well glued and nailed. I used each piece as templates for a new heavy-duty cardboard roof. Below is a picture of the panels that are needed to complete the roof.


I removed the pieces of wood which held the roof panels in place, if I remove the glue from them, they will be able to be used again. It was one of those jobs I thought would be a good idea at the time, I am not sure what sort of glue it was, but it certainly was very hard.




The new panels have now all been cut out, but I needed to find a way of making a tile imprint pattern on them. I have made a tool from an old knife to do the job. It took me ages to cut this in half. The edge has been grinned down to make a fine line imprint.


The end of the knife made the downward lines and the handle end made the across lines to form the tiles. This worked very well and even when the roof was painted, the lines can still be seen. It took quite a long time to complete all the roof panels, but I was very pleased with the result.


First of all I marked out the lines with a pencil and ruler, using my knife tool as a guide for size.


This is the finished roof panel after imprinting the tile marking. I think my knife tool worked quite well.

The triangular gable ends had no beams or edging on them. They had to be sanded and filled in various places, also some of the wood had split so needed to be glued together.


I used the measurements from my No.76 house, as this is the same size at the No.77, and made the beams and the roof edging.


I made the beams out of stiff card, and them painted them brown.


I then had to make a roof edging using the same heavy-duty card as the roof.


I had to make different layers of card to make a gap for the beams to fit into.


All the pieces were now ready to enable me to attach the roof to the house. The gable ends were fitted into place along with the strips of wood to support the roof panels.


The roof panels have been painted are now ready to be fitted, the edges attached to the wooden strips with small nails and the roof panels finished of with gummed paper parcel tape.


Once the gummed parcel tape was dry I put on another coat of paint onto the roof and then sealed it with antique pine varnish. I find that this varnish softens the hardness of the brick colour, as it does not give an even finish.


The roof is now complete. [It does look a bit orange in this picture, but it was getting dark when I took the picture and the flash makes it quite bright].



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  1. Karen says:

    Hi I have sorted some photos but don’t know how to put them on. Sorry it has took a while to get back but Laptop has been playing up since Microsoft updated it still having problems now. Karen

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      You could email your pictures to me –

  2. karen lyons says:

    Well after a lot of hard work and very few tools and space the restoration of my Triang No.77 is nearly finished. I think it looks great, it was in a very poor state and is nice to see it looking great again and now to complement it, i have put some lights in. Just some last bits to do.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I would love to see a picture of your house, perhaps send me some pictures I could put on my site. []

  3. Karen says:

    That is brilliant. Hope mine turns out as good.

  4. Tina Ryan says:

    Much ingenuity went into restoring the facade – looks like new. Seems like just the front door need sorting.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      Yes the front door needs a letter box, door knob and knocker, not sure what colour it should be. I also need to find a single window to go next to the door.

      1. karen lyons says:

        Hi Lee same here mine needs Letter box and single window for next to door but all seem to be wrong size. Did they have door knockers ?.

        1. Lee Higgins says:

          From other houses I have restored, it seems to be the smaller window [white frame] are fitted next to the door. I think it did have a door knocker. Original door fittings are quite hard to find, and quite expensive.

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