Triang No.77

Repairing and treating THE woodworm

The house has been treated all over with woodworm treatment. I have stripped off the roof and removed the base, so I can treat the splitting wood damaged by water and fill in woodworm holes.

The back panel show the remainder of some wallpaper which was all that was left, quite a large pattern it does look familiar I am sure I have seen them both before on other houses. This panel is in quite good condition, except for the bottom which is badly split, I will have a go at repairing it. There was some floor paper in some of the rooms, but nothing that could be saved.


This is one of the panels which has water damage and has split. [notice the lovely rusty nail]


The worse woodworm holes I have found in the house seem to be around the front door, I am sure there were better places for them to dine than right at the front of the house.


If you look at the right hand side of the base you can see how it is warped, I will try to repair and strengthen it but I don’t think I will have much success.


I separated each layer of the plywood and made a glue and wood sandwich, there was not sign of woodworm dust so was quite an easy job.


It is just as well I have got lots of little clamps to keep all my wood and glue sandwiches together.

All the panels of the house have now been glued and repaired. I have to make a decision about the base. I always try to save and use as much of the houses, when I restore them, but sometimes it is not always possible.

It has been damaged by water, and you can see how the wood has split. So I have made the decision to replace it with a new piece of ply wood. The No.77 is quite a large heavy house and needs a firm base.


The Back Panel of the house is a bit rough, with two pieces of wallpaper, the wood has split in places around the bottom edge. As it does not have to support anything it will be fine, and I will be able to use it.


I have glued and filled as much as I can, the bare wood piece you can see will be filled and painted. I have to laugh when I see this picture, it was taken in the Summer, as you can see buckets and watering cans spread out to collect water, as we had not had any for a while. [Writing this in January we now have too much water]



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  1. Karen says:

    Hi I have sorted some photos but don’t know how to put them on. Sorry it has took a while to get back but Laptop has been playing up since Microsoft updated it still having problems now. Karen

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      You could email your pictures to me –

  2. karen lyons says:

    Well after a lot of hard work and very few tools and space the restoration of my Triang No.77 is nearly finished. I think it looks great, it was in a very poor state and is nice to see it looking great again and now to complement it, i have put some lights in. Just some last bits to do.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I would love to see a picture of your house, perhaps send me some pictures I could put on my site. []

  3. Karen says:

    That is brilliant. Hope mine turns out as good.

  4. Tina Ryan says:

    Much ingenuity went into restoring the facade – looks like new. Seems like just the front door need sorting.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      Yes the front door needs a letter box, door knob and knocker, not sure what colour it should be. I also need to find a single window to go next to the door.

      1. karen lyons says:

        Hi Lee same here mine needs Letter box and single window for next to door but all seem to be wrong size. Did they have door knockers ?.

        1. Lee Higgins says:

          From other houses I have restored, it seems to be the smaller window [white frame] are fitted next to the door. I think it did have a door knocker. Original door fittings are quite hard to find, and quite expensive.

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